Arsenal fan group announce plans to improve atmosphere at Emirates with new chants and a drum

An Arsenal fan group are attempting to create a ‘hostile’ atmosphere at the Emirates ahead of their first home match of the season.

The Gunners have long been criticised for their lack of noise at their own stadium since they moved from Highbury in 2006.

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Arsenal play Burnley in their first home match of the season on Saturday

The Ashburton Army have been in discussions with the club about plans to create more noise at the ground on matchdays.

They encouraged Arsenal fans to ‘not be shy’ and get involved and they will also bring a drum to the games.

The supporter group said it will be trialled for four home games, starting with the Premier League match against Burnley on Saturday, which is live on talkSPORT.

The Arsenal fan group are trying to create a better atmosphere at the Emirates

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The Arsenal fan group are trying to create a better atmosphere at the Emirates

The statement read: “Saturday is a huge game for Arsenal, the first home game of the season vs Burnley meaning it is vital we kick off our home fixtures with a win. Due to this, we encourage all fans to bring your voices and make the noise.

“After going back and forth with Arsenal discussing our ideas and our plans, the Ashburton Army have been provided with a booking form to ensure we’re all seated together in the ground, we will be located at the back of block 26.

“This will act as a guideline of the type of noise we expect to generate for fans to follow. When we make noise, help us out to make it louder.

“Following a few of our talks, we have also been provided the drum on a trial basis for the first four fixtures of the home season. The first game it is being trialled is in fact Saturday. The drum will be used correctly and not used for white noise, we ensure the balance of drumming and chanting will be perfect.

“When you hear the drum to a chant, please get involved, don’t shy down from the prospect of it. We want to make it work and ensure it is a weekly thing to create a hostility atmosphere for not only the bigger games but also the lesser teams.

“Being twelfth man is a necessity in football, without supporters, football is nothing so please help us out in turning the Emirates in to a place teams do not want to go to.

“The Ashburton Army have been working hard to ensure we are ready for the upcoming season, this includes chants and how to use the drum correctly. Please allow us to introduce what we have planned.

“As most of you are aware, the concourses pre-game are incredible and was a stepping stone in the long term project of what we wanted to achieve. We noticed that people would come to the concourse but not keep the same intensity during the game.”


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