Beitar Jerusalem’s nationalist fans want to ‘change the name’ of new signing Ali Mohamed


La Familia have been known to sing racist songs and the club have never signed an Arab player

The hardcore fans of Beitar Jerusalem  have insisted on ‘changing the name’ of its new signing.

The Israeli Premier League club signed 23-year-old Nigerien midfielder Ali Mohamed.

He was brought in from Maccabi Netanya for €1.7million and has agreed a three year deal.


Beitar Jerusalem is still the only Israeli Premier League club to have never signed an Arab player

According to The Jerusalem Post, the club’s fanatical supporters, known as La Familia, posted on social media saying they would give him another name.

Beitar Jerusalem are the only club in the Israeli Premier League to have never signed an Arab player.

They have signed Muslim players in the past but it has not often been well received.

New signing Mohamed is in fact a devout Christian but that has not stopped the ultra-nationalist supporters taking exception to his surname.

Supporters group La Familia want to give new signing Ali Mohamed a different name


Supporters group La Familia want to give new signing Ali Mohamed a different name

Beitar Jerusalem has often been a symbol of right-wing Israel and some fans have been known to sing racist songs.

It has been previously labelled as the ‘most racist football club in the world’.

The social media post was quickly taken down after criticism by club members and owner Moshe Hogeg.

Hogeg said: “This post and the things written in it did not add any respect to anyone. Ali Mohamed will be a Beitar Jerusalem player and the only thing that interests us is what this signing can do for the team and the club.”

La Familia appeared to backtrack from their original online post with a later statement.

They wrote they appreciate “every signing that’s good for the club. He’s excellent player and we’re glad he’s here.

“Tere are a lot of soccer players who give them a nickname, Lionel Messi is called ‘the Flea’, Mohamed Salah is called ‘Mo’.

“We have nicknames for players and Ali Mohamed will also get one.”

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