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Betting on Boxing Compared to Casino Betting


We love betting on boxing but there are more ways to bet out there, not just on this game.

Casino gaming is probably the biggest competitor to boxing betting but the two share many similarities and differences.

Players flock to each of these betting outlets, but which one comes out on top?

Flexibility and Time

The big quibble that many players have with betting on boxing matches is that they have to wait for their schedule. With online casino sites, you have instant gratification and you don’t need to wait around for a match to begin.

This gives this type of betting the edge for many players, as it can be accessed, wagered on and won whenever you want.

If you’re not watching the boxing match in the same time zone as it is being broadcasted in then this might also ruin the experience, as you may need to watch at an unsociable hour.

You can always watch it the next day but this means you don’t get to experience it live and you might see spoilers.

Of course, many players find it more exciting to watch the hype in the run up to a boxing match. Things like fight posters and press conferences can help to build up anticipation for the game.


Mobile Casinos

Playing on your mobile is fun and there’s no need to leave your games behind thanks to mobile casinos. The best ones sport the newest mobile-optimised games and these can help you to win on the go. These can include all manner of games, from slots to table games with extra features.

You can place boxing bets through mobile sites too, though it can be harder to watch the matches on the go without a premium subscription service. Often this can mean sacrificing on the quality of the stream to watch it on mobile, which isn’t ideal.



When you bet on a boxing match, you’re betting on one or two outcomes at most. Even if you have a longer term bet on who will get the title, for that match you’re only looking at who will win. Casino betting is different, as you can have a range of bets, bonuses and even insurance on your games.

There’s simply a lot more variety for players of casino games, as they can hope to try out many different games. This keeps things fresh as there’s more to do and play with, especially thanks to live casino games and the innovations of developers.


You also have a wider variety of casino operators and odds, as more companies are branching into this area. Fewer sites take bets on boxing, so you may not have as many places to pick from and this may mean you have a worse experience overall.

Either way that you choose to bet can be fun, as long as you choose safe places to do so. Protect yourself when you play online and you can have a good experience with casino or boxing betting.


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