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Joyce solos to double win, taking stage and overall lead in North Star GP


Colin Joyce claimed victory today after a late solo attack out of a reduced field on the penultimate stage of the North Star Grand Prix. With his win, the Rally rider moves into the leader’s jersey ahead of his teammate and Ty Magner (Holowesko-Citadel), with overnight leader Brandon McNulty (Rally) dropping to third, but retaining the best young rider’s jersey.

Second on the stage was Dylan Sunderland (NSW Institute of Sport) at 37 seconds and third was McNulty at 51 seconds after 81 miles of racing.

“Our goal was to attack, try to wear down the field and see what we can do with it,” Joyce said. “(Ty) Magner is riding really strong right now so we needed a lot of horse power and our team has it so we kept sending riders up the road to put them under pressure.”


Tony Baca (Elbowz) leads the mountains classification after taking three of the day’s four climbs, and Alfredo Rodriguez leads the points classification. Kevin Gerkins (Elbowz) is the new Diamondback best amateur rider and Sunderland took home the Ellen Watters most aggressive jersey at the end of the stage.



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