Leeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani calls for ‘Premier League 2’


The Italian believes his club are being shortchanged by the Championship’s share of TV cash

Leeds owner Andrea Radrizzani has criticised the model of the Championship and believes a ‘Premier League 2’ should be created to provide a fairer share of TV money.

The English Football League’s deal with Sky Sports is worth almost £90million per season, although it will rise to £120million between 2019 and 2024.

Andrea Radrizzani believes his club are being shortchanged

Championship clubs get most of that, as they do with solidarity payments from the Premier League to the EFL, however this only adds up to around £7million per club.

Top flight clubs, on the other hand, get at least £100million from broadcast deals in England and across the globe.

Radrizzani, who completed his Leeds takeover in 2017, believes the gap is too wide.

Speaking at the Leaders Sport Business Summit in London, the 44-year-old Italian said: “The model of the Championship should be reconsidered because to keep changing owners every one, two, three years is not a fair system for the fans, for the clubs.

“It is really not sustainable to stay in the Championship, there are huge gaps between clubs coming down from the Premier League with parachute payments to the other teams on lower budgets. And the money generated from TV rights is small because it is split between 72 clubs.

“Maybe they need to consider another way to create value, Premier League 2 or something, that is sustainable even for the people who are not promoted.

Leeds are often televised on Sky

Leeds are often televised on Sky

“I think the other chairmen would love to open a conversation because the time is getting ready to consider what to do so we don’t have a crisis every two years when a club goes bankrupt or changes ownership.

“I think we should consider that a club like Leeds, that is watched by 500,000-600,000 people live on Sky, is getting only £2-2.5m from the league (in TV rights) and actually penalises us because we’re always on TV, maybe more than 20 times. It doesn’t work.”

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