Luis Suarez at Liverpool was superstitious about his boots, while John Terry at Chelsea avoided touching the ball, recalls Glen Johnson

Everyone knows footballers are superstitious creatures but they never cease to amaze us mere mortals how far they’ll go to preserve their rituals.

Former England striker Gary Lineker famously never practised shooting while training on a matchday even though it was primarily his task to score goals for his team.

Former Liverpool, England and Chelsea defender Glen Johnson lifted the lid on what some of his former teammates liked to do before a match.

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Touching Suarez’s boots on a matchday would be a bad move, Johnson has revealed

He told talkSPORT Luis Suarez was one of many footballers who don’t like their boots to be touched on a matchday.

“I’ve seen players that go mad if you touch their boots. Suarez was one but there were quite a few,” he explained to Jim White.

When asked what Suarez would do in the event of his boots being touched, Johnson replied: “He might wear another pair.”

It wasn’t just his days at Liverpool where Johnson encountered strange superstitions from former teammates.

He also revealed what John Terry, his Chelsea and England teammate, would do in the dressing room on a matchday.

“JT wouldn’t touch a football in a dressing room.

Fortunately Terry is able to touch the football here as he’s outdoors and it’s not a matchday

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Fortunately Terry is able to touch the football here as he’s outdoors and it’s not a matchday

“So when some of the other lads did a game of ‘Two Touch’ between each other and the ball goes all around the place JT wouldn’t touch it before a game.”

Johnson went on to admit that he himself also has his superstitions, even though he’s retired from the game.

He added: “I think it’s just pattern and memory or maybe they played well and want to stick to that.

“Everyone’s got a bit of [Obsessive Compulsive Disorder] OCD in them. It’s a bit pointless but everyone’s got it, I’ve got it a bit. If there’s a certain set of taps and one’s not quite in line with the other then I’ll straighten it up!”

Listen to Glen Johnson’s interview revealing what his former teammates were like above.

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