Microchips the next step in anti-doping fight, argues Olympians chief


The head of an international organisation that represents sports people has argued that athletes should be fitted with microchips, like dogs, as the next step in the fight against doping.

Mike Miller, chief executive of the World Olympians Association, claimed that technological advances will soon make it possible for athletes’ bodies to be implanted with devices that not only track their movements but also test for banned substances around the clock.

Speaking at a London conference on integrity in sport, he waved away concerns over privacy, claiming the measure would be help to stay one step ahead of dopers.


“Some people say we shouldn’t do this to people. Well, we’re a nation of dog lovers, we’re prepared to chip our dogs and it doesn’t seem to harm them, so why aren’t we prepared to chip ourselves?” Miller argued.

Miller’s argument centred on the notion that anti-doping tests can only give a positive or negative result at a specific moment in time, the suspicion being that dopers are increasingly wise as to how and when to take banned substances while avoiding detection.

The biological passport was introduced in 2008 to give a wider, longer-term testing perspective, while all athletes are subject to random drugs tests and must keep WADA notified of their whereabouts at all times.

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