SmackDown Live results 10/10 – Sami Zayn sees the light thanks to Kevin Owens


Sami Zayn has shocked the WWE Universe

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Sami Zayn willingly faced the music on last night’s SmackDown Live as he reunited with ‘best friend’ Kevin Owens.


Zayn explained his shocking assist to Owens at Sunday’s Hell in a Cell, was down to his long-time friend finally showing him the light. He acknowledged the pairs tumultuous past, but admitted Owens was right when he suggested Zayn was going about his career the wrong way. Playing the nice guy had got him nowhere, especially on SmackDown under Shane McMahon and that is why he saved his friend from impending injury at Hell in a Cell. The pair then embraced and sung each other praises before raising hands in a scene WWE fans thought they’d never see.