Adrian Durham Euro 2016 diary: Dirty washing as photgraphers lurk to hang Roy Hodgson out to dry

Throughout Euro 2016, our main in the England camp, Adrian Durham, will be sharing his thoughts in a daily diary. Here’s the latest instalment…

Went for brunch at L’Etrier café next door to the England team hotel. The owner is a surly so and so, but his croque madame is something to savour. Ham and cheese toastie with egg on top. Oh, my days, it is so good.

All washed down with café au lait while reading L’Equipe (well, looking at the pictures anyay!) and life is sweet.

L’Equipe give marks out of 10 for the games at the Euros, and they are notoriously low markers. Check out how understated they were about Northern Ireland’s magnificent display in Lyon!

And what do you make of the marks for England 2 Wales 1 – harsh on Ashley Williams possibly?

Roy Hodgson and his staff emerged form the hotel while we were there, and made their way to training on foot. Roy looked cool in shades, relaxed after victory obviously, but you can see the photographers were hot on his heels ready for their big picture. Halfway up the street he was walking along, there is an “erotic” shop, (Yes! In sleepy Chantilly!) I’m guessing they think the “money” shot is that one – “England manager outside Sex Shop.” 

Back to base, sorted my washing, and took extra measures to avoid another ‘laundrygate’ episode (they lost my washing last week, and only found it four days later). I took photos of what’s in the laundry bag – if they lose this one there will be trouble. Fingers crossed….

By the way, if you’re wondering where the rest is, I hand wash it all. I’m domesticated. I won’t be hanging anything out to dry in this though!

Then I set to work on the two games I was covering on Friday afternoon (Saggers hosts only one – is it because I’m younger? Not sure….), before a big night out in Paris beckons. And it will be a big night out because I am off on Saturday, which will serve as some much-needed recovery time.

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