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Afghan women’s cycling team on track for Nobel Peace Prize 

Afghanistan’s women’s national cycling team have been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, according to a report on Total Women’s Cycling. The report states that an Italian group of 118 MPs started a petition to have the women’s cycling team nominated for their “dedication, and hard work promoting cycling in Afghanistan.”

Zahra Hussaini leads the 40-woman cycling team, and all of them ride their bikes despite being harassed and threatened in their Afghan communities. They continue to ride their bikes to promote social change.


The Afghanistan women’s cycling team has worked with LET Media to come out with a short documentary about their program and the stereotypes they are trying to overcome as women in their country.

One rider said, “They say a bicycle can destroy a girl’s future. People say a lot of things. If we listened to them we would never leave our houses.”

LET Media will also produce a longer documentary about the Afghan women’s cycling team, and stated on Total Women’s Cycling, “Shortly after we began interacting with these women and learning more about them, we realized that this wasn’t just a short documentary to profile the National Team.

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