Blake talks NYPD case with CNN's Don Lemon

The former No. 4 was taken down by NYPD outside his hotel during the U.S. Open. (AP Photo)

A month removed from his erroneous takedown at the hands of a New York Police Department officer on September 9, former ATP World Tour star and current USTA foundation chair James Blake spoke out on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon. Among other topics, Blake addressed whether his case received preferential or “special” treatment; his thoughts on officer, James Frascatore; the Black Lives Matter movement; and much more.

Blake recently joined Twitter, catalyzed in part by his newfound second wind of fame in light of Officer Frascatore’s alleged use of excessive force.

If somehow you’ve lived under a rock for the past month, here’s the footage of the force that brought Blake to the ground outside a Manhattan hotel: