Eight of the most annoying things professional footballers do

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8. Refusing to celebrate against a former club – click the arrow above for more!

Not celebrating is lauded as showing respect, when it actually shows disrespect to the people who pay players’ wages. There are very few occasions when it’s understandable why a player wouldn’t celebrate a goal against a former club, say, if they scored a goal to relegate their old team, who they’d represented for years and years. Otherwise, it’s borderline PC nonsense.

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We love football and marvel at the exploits of footballers virtually every day of the year.

That’s why the best professional footballers are paid huge sums of money and good luck to them.

But we do wish the pro players would cut out certain behaviour.

To find out eight of the most annoying things footballers do, check out the slideshow above.

Click the yellow arrow above, right, to see our list, and add your own suggestions by leaving a comment below.

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