Federer lands another Forbes listing; Nadal cameos everywhere

Rafa, Andy Murray and Yao Ming were captured together on Instagram. (@andymurray)

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WELL FED  Forbes has released its “fab” list of the 40 most highly valued brands in sports. Encompassing series and single-team events, squads, and individual and team athletes, the list is a testament to the global power of soccer, for one. Among tennis brands, Roger Federer’s personal one is the sole entry to appear. As described by Forbes, the rankings are arrived at this way: “An athlete’s brand value is their endorsement income, less the average endorsement income of the top 10 athletes in the same sport.” Among athletes, Fed ties for No. 3 alongside one LeBron James.

LIP SERVICE  Julio Iglesias has a new album out for the first time in more than a decade, and the likes of Rafael Nadal, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo (No. 8 on the above list featuring Federer), and more Friends of Julio come out in support for a new, and perhaps unintentionally amusing, tribute video. So be it.