Harry Kane told to snub Man City and sign for either Manchester United or Chelsea, Dimitar Berbatov reveals how he approached Daniel Levy when leaving Tottenham

Harry Kane has been told to turn down any advance from Manchester City and Pep Guardiola and sign for either Manchester United or Chelsea.

The striker has provided a couple of hints that he wants to leave Tottenham as he recently revealed his hopes to emulate the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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In a candid interview with Gary Neville, Kane gave a further hint that he would like to leave Spurs

City, United and Chelsea are the rumoured frontrunners to sign the 27-year-old, with most saying a move to the Etihad Stadium would be the best as it’s the most likely place that will bring in the trophies he craves.

But John Barnes believes Kane shouldn’t go to City, telling Bonus Code Bets: “As far as the three clubs go, he should pick Chelsea or Manchester United rather than Manchester City.

“If he goes to Manchester City, he is not going to be the player he is at Tottenham, because at Tottenham he is the creator, goal scorer and the focal point for everything.

“Whereas, at Manchester City, he wouldn’t be that as there are other players that provide for him, it is a more comprehensive way of playing that he wouldn’t be used to.

Guardiola once refereed to Spurs as ‘the Harry Kane team’. Now he reportedly wants him in his team


Guardiola once refereed to Spurs as ‘the Harry Kane team’. Now he reportedly wants him in his team

“Chelsea and Manchester United need a centre forward. Manchester United have good players around them. They have got Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Mason Greenwood, but they really need a number nine.

“Chelsea also need a striker, and it seems as if Thomas Tuchel doesn’t fancy Tammy Abraham or Timo Werner.”

What will be going through Kane’s head right now? Well, former Tottenham striker Dimitar Berbatov has a pretty good idea.

Berbatov left Spurs in 2008 to join Man United in a £30million deal which Sir Alex Ferguson was more painful that his hip replacement. The Bulgarian has now shed more light about what went down in that saga.

Expect Levy to drive a hard bargain just like he did when selling Berbatov to United

Expect Levy to drive a hard bargain just like he did when selling Berbatov to United

He told Betfair: “If Kane has told the club he wants to leave then they should find a reasonable way to agree what the fee should be and how to part ways.

“I was in his shoes and I did what I did, he is now in the same situation that I was and I understand everything he is going though.

“I don’t regret the decision I made, I followed my own path in football and coming from a small country I always dreamed of reaching the highest I could, I did that with United and I won things and was the league’s top goalscorer.

“Harry Kane’s case is slightly different because he is at home in England, so he needs to know what his priorities are, at the end of the day football is about playing the game and getting pure joy from it, if he stays at Spurs he will get that.

“The situation was probably a bit easier in my case because it was a massive opportunity for me, and my ambition was big, but I still had to think long and hard about leaving Spurs.

“Handing in a transfer request will be a different experience for every player. Some players are confident, they go in there with their head held high and all pumped up and others will be quite nervous and tense.

“When I put in a transfer request at Spurs I was somewhere in the middle of that, I was following my path and that gave me confidence not to be tense and nervous but at the same time I wasn’t overconfident, I just knew that it was something I had needed to do.

“It was disappointing for the club and the fans but it was the last step in my development that I needed to take, and I did.

“It’s so long ago now, it’s hard to remember exactly how it happened but I was with my agent and my lawyer and we presented the club with the letter and had a tense meeting, but the rest is history.

“It was a strange moment because you know that it’s disappointing for people, but you need to be strong and follow your path, and this happens in football.”

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