Helen Wyman Blog: Is the off-season over already?

It’s crazy to think that we are already into the full swing of the cyclo-cross season. It seems like only yesterday that I did my last race of last season. Yet I have already done my annual #murica trip, raced a world cup, a Superprestige and the first B Post bank trophy is in two days. Seriously guys who pressed the fast forward button??

As has now become an annual tradition for me I started my season in the US of A. God bless #murica. I love it so much every year and this year was no exception. We got to do some extra fun stuff this year too as we arrived a week early. No, green mountain stage race wasn’t the fun part, FYI.

Our lovely hosts Jerry and Sabine in Vermont once again upped their game this year. The original meatball (our loaned car, a Volvo, hence Sweden……meatball….) had thrown a ‘few’ ill timed hissy fits since we departed last year and finally Jerry caved in and upgraded her. So when we arrived at the compound there was meatball one and meatball two. I realise this is a little confusing, however, with ‘sausage fest’ being the only other name put forward in the naming ceremony, the choice of meatball two stuck!!


Alongside a new car they took us on new adventures too. As it was actually summer, they took us to stay a night on their friends island on lake Winnipesaukee which not only was amazingly stunning and a very cool thing to do, the cabin we slept in jutted out onto the lake, but their friends are husky breeders! I may not have mentioned this enough but me and Stef really want a husky dog, or two, cause all the websites say you need more than one. With our nomadic lifestyle choice this is probably going to remain just a dream however we did start googling it. Turns out they can never be trained, they never tire, they rip up everything, they need huge running spaces with plenty of high fencing and experienced dog owners to manage them. So basically prefect for first time pet owners right?!

Well the island friends actually had the most adorable pure breed husky puppy with them called ‘Sugar’. She was sooooooo beautiful and so cute. They told us about the eagle on the island and how they had to keep an eye out so it didn’t come after her (cue images of ‘The proposal’, movie with Sandra Bullock). They told all about how naughty she was, however, this puppy could basically melt the heart Cruella de Vil. So we bought her. Just joking, we actually hatched a plot, involving the eagle, to abduct her off the island without them knowing. Unfortunately Sugar had already left the island before we woke up the next morning!! Plot foiled.

The weather in Vermont was most definitely unusual for that time of year. In fact for our entire trip it was strange. Vermont was crazy sweaty humid hot with no rain, and then it rained in Las Vegas. I didn’t even know it could rain in Vegas? At least I’ve never seen it rain on CSI; yes that’s pretty much how all Europeans get their education on current America. I had a photo shoot for my new clothing collaboration with velocio and the photographer, Nick Czerula, actually complained there was too much sunshine, in Vermont, something you’ll never catch me doing. I love the sun, although I want all races to be deep in mud, literally every race.

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