Lance Armstrong testifies Frankie Andreu 'doped for the majority of his career'

The transcript from a recent Lance Armstrong testimony became public Monday following the filing of court documents by the US Federal Government that revealed the former seven-time Tour de France winner claimed his former teammate Frankie Andreu “doped for the majority of his career”.

Contacted by USA TODAY for comment, Andreu said the 44-year-old’s testimony was “completely false”.

Andreu admitted to a limited amount of doping in his career in 2006, having retired in 2000, but raced for the majority “completely clean”.


“A lot of riders made bad choices in that time,” Andreu told the American news publication. “I raced for a long time completely clean, and then even in the window when I was taking EPO, it wasn’t all the time. It was off and on. It was still wrong. I realized that, and I know that.”

Armstrong’s testimony was part of a pretrial deposition in a US Federal Government whistleblower case brought forward by former teammate Floyd Landis that could see him lose up to $100 million. The transcript published by USA Today relates to Armstrong being asked whether he “owed an apology to Frankie Andreu”.

The rift between the two former teammates and Betsy Andreu relates a testimony the Andreu’s made in 2005. They have always said they overhead Armstrong admit to doping when asked by a doctor at a hospital room in Indiana in 1996 as he was being treated for cancer. Armstrong has denied the conversation ever took place.

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