Louisville scandal not expected to affect Blakeney

CHARLOTTE – LSU coach Johnny Jones said he does not foresee guard Antonio Blakeney missing any games for his alleged involvement with prostitutes tied to the Louisville scandal.

Jones, in town for SEC Media Day, confirmed that Blakeney has met with NCAA investigators but said that he does not expect Blakeney to be charged with a violation himself.

“I’m not privy to all the information, and it’s an ongoing investigation, but to the best of my knowledge, I don’t think he felt as though he wasn’t aware of what was going on,” Jones said.

Asked if he thought he would have to hold Blakeney out of any games Jones said he did not.

In both her book and in a conversation with Outside the Lines, escort Katina Powell named Blakeney as one of the recruits who had sex with a stripper she brought at the behest of former Louisville coach Andre McGee. Powell alleges that she and her daughter met with Blakeney and his guardian during a recruiting visit to Louisville.

“Obviously, like any other kid, he’s concerned,” Jones said. “But I told him, this too shall pass. We’ve talked. Not a lot, but just to make sure he’s in a good place. His focus has been good and his teammates have been great around him.”

Blakeney, a McDonald’s All-American, initially committed to the Cardinals but later changed course and signed with LSU.

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