Monaghan Defeats Courageous George by Decision on truTV

Monaghan Defeats Courageous George by Decision on truTV

By Michael Burnell

Posted: October 17, 2015

All photos by Marilyn Paulino/RBRBoxing

In the main event of truTV’s Friday Night Fights, Light Heavyweight contender Seanie Monaghan (26-0, 16 KOs) battled Donovan “Da Bomb” George (25-5-2, 22 KOs) in a scheduled 10-round bout in Brooklyn, NY, contesting for two regional titles that will doubtlessly benefit the victor’s professional profile.

Both men started the fight in a relatively calculated fashion but not with the pageantry of a soft, feeling out round. While they didn’t wing bombs at each other with reckless abandon, they both stepped in to leverage their shots.

In the second round, Monaghan sustained a cut over his right eye by an accidental butt while the rivals exchanged punches in the corner.

George appeared to have re-injured his seven-time surgically repaired right hand in the Round 3 and could be seen shaking it and wincing after throwing the right in the fourth.

Monaghan George - Marilyn Paulino RBRBoxing1

The injury was apparent in Round 5 prompting the ringside physician to investigate George who successfully pleaded with the doctor not to stop the fight. George showed grit as he attacked Monaghan, winging his injured right hand at his rival with impunity while absorbing plenty along the way.

This was the pattern that would be consistent over the second half of the fight with each round a carbon copy of the previous.

It was an impressive display of courage by George, but Monaghan had clearly established himself as the winner though both men flailed away at each other, closing the show strong in the waning seconds of Round 10.

The judges rendered Monaghan the winner by unanimous decision with scores of 100-90,100-90 and 99-91.

Monaghan George - Marilyn Paulino RBRBoxing4

RBRBoxing Magazine Issue 3 Deluxe Edition - August 2015

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