Perkins: Win vindicates co-driver call

Jack Perkins says taking his first ever V8 Supercars win alongside James Courtney on the Gold Coast last Sunday is proof that he’s made the right call concentrating on being a co-driver.

Perkins last year made a move back to full-time driving duties for the first time since 2009, signing on for a season with Charlie Schwerkolt Racing. But it was an ill-fated partnership, which ended at the end of the season after yielding just 23rd place in the points.

The disappointing season led Perkins to make the decision to concentrate solely on finding a good endurance drive, a decision he says is vindicated by his maiden victory at Surfers Paradise.

“I worked for four years since my last full-time gig to get the gig I got last year,” the 29-year-old explained.

“I put together a bit of a deal with Charlie to go racing. It didn’t go to plan, but for various reasons I still thought I could do this driving caper.

“I figured I didn’t want to be a field filler and chase a main game drive to finish 15th every week.

“If you look at the field there’s sort of six to eight cars that have got a chance of winning, and I figured it would be better off doing three races with one of those guys than 15 races making up the numbers.”

“I’m pretty committed to being an enduro driver from here forward. There are not many gigs full-time that would be of significant interest to me, that would present a better opportunity than sitting here now.”

Is fifth as good as it gets?

Perkins also admitted that he had started to lose faith that he’d ever win a V8 Supercars race, having only ever finished as high as fifth in almost a decade of racing at that level.

“I signed with James right back in December and I joined the Holden Racing Team to get race wins,” Perkins added.

“There were many times there when I thought it would never happen. I matched my previous best result [on Saturday] of fifth, which I got with another good mate Tim Slade back in 2010 driving for Stone Brothers, so I thought fifth was as good as I was ever going to get.

“I’m pretty happy to get a surfboard.”

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