Premier League scores: How Mark Lawrenson's predictions so far this season compare to the actual table

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20. By Mark Lawrenson’s Premier League score predictions so far this season, Aston Villa should be in 20th place… which they are! So far, so good for Lawro. To find out where the former Liverpool defender has predicted your club should currently be in the Premier League – and how it compares to where they actually are – click the arrow above

Mark Lawrenson’s score predictions for the Premier League so far this season would mean Villa have just five points, which is only one less than they have actually achieved. The only victory he’s predicted for Villa was a 2-0 win over Sunderland in August (a match that ended 2-2).

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Predicting Premier League scores is good fun, but it’s difficult to be deadly accurate.

TV pundit Mark Lawrenson (pictured below) has been predicting Premier League scores for the Beeb for some years now, but how well is he getting on this season?

Take a look at the slideshow above to find out.

And if you fancy your chances at this score prediction lark, why not try our Premier League predictor game?

If you’re any good, you might even win a prize!

Check it out, here:

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