Project Brabham weighing up Formula E entry

The Project Brabham initiative could become involved in the Formula E championship in the future, according to the project’s driving force David Brabham.

“At the moment, I can say that Formula E is a series I am very interested in,” the Australian former Grand Prix driver and Le Mans winner told

“In the medium and long term, yes, we would like to be involved and the interest from our side is high, but in the short-term we need to get established first. We’ve definitely got an eye on it.” understands that one of the existing Formula E teams could be available to purchase by the end of this calendar year.

Brabham, along with Drayson Technologies, led by electric racing technology advocate and pioneer Lord Paul Drayson, would be high on the list of potential organisations to get involved in the all-electric series.

However, Brabham remains cautious on any immediate involvement.

“A lot would depend on what we have at our disposal,” continued Brabham. “There is no point doing anything unless we do it properly. The championship is still quite young and new.

“I am sure there are teams out there that are struggling but I applaud everyone involved in the championship for making commitments early. It is clearly something that has a very progressive outlook in the way it is marketed and organised.

“I know Paul [Lord Drayson, former Le Mans team owner] quite well, and I talked to him closely a few years ago prior to the Formula E championship starting.

“We discussed something and had a potential investor, but ultimately it didn’t come together. Things happen quickly in racing, so who knows what opportunities might arise.”

Brabham attended one of the Donington sessions in August and remains impressed with the way the championship is expanding and engaging its fanbase.

“Technology is obviously changing the way that people interact with sport,” he said. “They want more knowledge and they want to be involved more.

“So, what Formula E is doing has to be the right thing and they need to, as they need traction as a new entity. Using every avenue in order to grow and in the future I think a new model of racing will emerge.

“The behind the scenes access stuff is actually often more exciting to get involved with than the on-track activity. Therefore, combining the two is a win/win situation.

“This is what Brabham Digital is doing to ensure learning capabilities are all part of the package.”

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