Report: Nys calls for a more international World Cup

Sven Nys told the UCI cyclo-cross commission in Brussells this week that the sport needs to “spread your wings” to promote itself by further internationalizing the World Cup calendar, according to a report on Sporza Belgium.

Currently three of the seven World Cup races take place in Belgium: Koksijde on November 22, Namur on December 20 and Zolder in December 26. This year’s World Cup started with a first-ever series race in the US at CrossVegas. Two of the 2015-16 races are in the Netherlands and one is in France.

“In the World Cup in Las Vegas there were a lot of new nationalities at the start,” Nys told the commission, according to the Sporza report. “I am talking about countries that we never get to see. Apparently, the US is for some countries easier to reach than Europe, that includes China and Japan. That’s something to think about.


“Over time, we also need that direction with the World Cup. We have to change from three World Cup races in Belgium,” Nys said. “In an ideal world, each country has one or two races. I know I speak to our organizers. But if you want to promote the sport, you have to spread your wings.”

Nys also expressed his disappointment that the World Cup race planned for Canada this year had to be cancelled, saying he does not believe the race will ever be on the World Cup Calendar now.

“That was a terrible shame,” Nys said. “But I want to be clear: Canada will not come back, we should avoid such situations.” 

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