Rest in pieces, Berdych's flamboyant H&M fashions

The Czech is now sponsored by Adidas after three years of interesting H&M fashion. (AP Photo)

“Born for Greatness.” So reads the slogan emblazoned on Tomas Berdych‘s new Adidas tee.

Yes, you read that correctly. Threading through the past three years, one of the top stories about Berdych’s appearances on the tennis court has been his sartorial statements with sponsor H&M. By turns garish and glorious, depending on your perspective, his kits—namely his shirts—have sparked conversation and, more often than not, derision.

Even so, fashion is all about having fun and taking risks. A few unforced errors are bound to crop into one’s wardrobe just as they do one’s tennis game. After all, these people are tennis pros primarily, not style mavens, though some constantly reinforce the latter. (Here’s to you, Maria Sharapova.) With that said, the Spin hereby salutes the Top 5 Fashion Hits and Misses

5. Berdych’s clothes at Roland Garros in 2015 sought to become one with the terre battue.

4. At the 2014 French Open, Tomas went floral when floral was a thing.

3. The soccer-style jersey displayed on its 6’5″ live mannequin at the 2014 Australian Open got everyone talking.

2. On guard at the 2014 U.S. Open: classic horizontal lines with fresh colors.

1. Never forget: that multicolored 1980s fever dream at the 2015 U.S. Open.

And so it goes. The Czech has written himself over to Adidas, a brand that notably lost Andy Murray last year. Rest in pieces, H&M tennis garb.