Serena speaks at NFL Women's Summit; Tyson's daughter has game

Serena has had a busy time off court while Mike Tyson’s daughter shows promise on it. (AP Photo)

Fourhand is the Daily Spin’s occasional roundup of various hits and misses on tour.

SHE DOESN’T STOP  Serena Williams has had a busy month away from tennis courts, not only appearing in a Super Bowl commercial shot who-knows-when but also dipping down to Jamaica to work on building a school and appearing alongside interviewer Robin Roberts at the first-ever NFL Women’s Summit. Serena got in on the act of the Salt Marsh Primary School build, reportedly the third developed by her namesake fund and done in conjunction with Helping Hands Jamaica, an organization dedicated to education for kids.  

BE LIKE MIKE?  Mike Tyson and his 7-years-young daughter Milan took a tennis lesson recently, and a cursory review of the footage shows a daughter with promise. Her dad’s throw-everything-into-it forehand? Not so much. 

BALL STREET  Plenty of pieces have been written about Mario Ancic‘s life after tennis, that of a Wall Street investment banker. The latest is well worth a read, though, for its excruciating details (“I was spitting blood during training”) and Ancic’s knack for being direct (“It must be a nightmare” to play Novak Djokovic). Those who have followed his career know that, in his Wimbledon debut at age 18, he beat Roger Federer, who is now coached by Ancic’s countryman, Ivan Ljubicic. If you missed it, the two former foes caught up in August: 

ART OF THE MATTER  As if vintage wooden tennis racquets could get any more ridiculously good-looking (here’s to you, Zoolander), artist Danielle Clough has taken to embroidering various colorful flowers and plants on them. You can keep up with her sport-meets-art ways via Instagram at (wait for it) @fiance_knowles

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