Serena Williams mourns her dog's death

Jackie was “16 years young.” (

We’ve heard it a million times. The world of tennis can be quite lonely for pros, out on the road and up in the air for much of a 10- to 11-month season. As they traverse the globe accumulating ranking and hotel points, they look for companionship with their loved ones. And surely among those loved ones: dogs.

One of Serena Williams‘ own canine friends, “16 years young” Jackie, passed last week. In tribute to her longtime pal, the WTA Tour’s No. 1 star published a trio of Instagram posts speaking to the special nature of their relationship.


Jackie joined Serena just two weeks before she won her first major singles title at age 17, living to witness, if from a distance, the rise of one who is likely the greatest player the women’s game has ever seen. Not a bad match as a best friend, eh?

My angel

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“I got out of the shower this afternoon and she was not there to lick my leg as she always did everyday to remind me how much she loved me,” Serena wrote on Instagram. “I feel so lucky to have such a special friend. Give your dog, cat, pet a big hug.”

Consider it done, Serena. And rest peacefully, Jackie Baila Pete Williams.

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