Serena's Pirelli photo is nearly identical to Vogue shot (but nude)

The world No. 1 appeared in Vogue in April. Both shoots were by Annie Leibovitz. (AP Photo)

The likes of Serena Williams, Amy Schumer, and more women of note and power are getting a lot of attention now that this year’s Pirelli calendar, also known as “The Calendar,” is out. Williams, Schumer, and precious few others go nude, or mostly naked, in the calendar, which has a newfound penchant for buttoning up its women. 

What few are talking about is that the image of Serena that’s included is almost exactly an unclothed replica of an interior Vogue shot she did earlier this year, when she appeared on that magazine’s April cover and inside in a red Donna Karan dress. In each case, Serena was photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

This isn’t to say the images aren’t both starkly brilliant. It’s simply to note that sometimes even the greats need to double up.

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