‘So that’s what Arsene Wenger has been saving Arsenal's money for!’ – The best reactions to Lionel Messi's Premier League transfer rumour

Reports have claimed that Lionel Messi is open to a move to the Premier League having grown frustrated with his tax case in Spain. 

And while a large number of supporters claim the propsect of the Argentine magician heading to England wouldn’t happen in a million years, others have reacted with a tad more excitement.

Of course, there’s the possibility that, as has been seen in many other cases, Messi could simply be vying for a new contract or may even encouraging offers so as to discover his transfer value.

But, what’s the harm in a little dreaming?

One Arsenal fan comically hinted that the Gunners’ lack of spending could all be a part of Arsene Wenger’s hidden plan to lure Barcelona’s No.10 to the Emirates Stadium.

While another imagined Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho using Messi as a scapegoat for not tracking back during a Blues defeat…

Read these and more of the best responses to the Messi rumour below.

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