Team Sky’s secret new training method

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Sky’s head of a performance is confident that clean riders can outshine dopers. Photo: Tim De Waele | (file)

The U.K.’s Telegraph has an exclusive interview up with Team Sky’s head of athlete development, Tim Kerrison, in which he reveals that the team is using a secret new training method this season.

Kerrison, who coached both Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome to Tour de France glory, doesn’t offer any details about the new training method, but he does make the rather bold claim that clean riders can not only compete with doped ones but can even surpass the performances of doped riders of the past. (The story notes that Chris Froome’s best time up the Madone climb outside of Nice, made famous as a training ground of Lance Armstrong, is actually faster than Armstrong’s.)

“I am sure that clean riders will eventually surpass times from that era, and I would be proud to be part of that,” Kerrison tells The Telegraph. “Our objective is to produce clean performances that are incredible, and we are not going to stop trying. I think people out there putting limits on human performance are probably not the great visionary thinkers. One thing I am very sure of is that we are not yet close to reaching those limits.”

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