'The Amy and Adam Show': U.S. Solheim Cup captain Pat Hurst

The Solheim Cup is three months away and U.S. captain Pat Hurst talked to Amy Rogers and Adam Stanley on this week’s “The Amy and Adam Show” podcast.

With two majors down and three more to go, how does Hurst see her team shaping up? She also shares what the Solheim Cup experience is like for those playing and those overseeing.

“Everything that comes together for that one week. The hard work. It’s so worth it,” Hurst said on the podcast. “You can’t wait for that week … even the last time in 2019 I broke down with my pod, ‘I can’t believe this is almost over, I’m going to miss you guys!’ It’s all the hard work that’s put into it and it’s so worth it. It’s a bittersweet moment because you don’t want it to end, but you can’t wait for it to get there.”

Listen to “The Amy & Adam Show – Episode 13 (Pat Hurst)” on Spreaker.

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