Uni Watch: D-backs break mold with new look

Every generation or so there’s a uniform, or a uniform set, that breaks the mold and announces, “You know how things have been done a certain way and everyone has just assumed that that’s the only way? We’ve decided not to do it that way anymore.” The Houston Astros and their 1970s “tequila sunrise” design, the Denver Broncos and their Nike-fied 1997 design, the Atlanta Hawks and their current uni set, any number of Oregon football uniforms — all of them fit into this category.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have just joined that club.

Love ’em or hate ’em — there will surely be many fans in each camp — the D-backs’ eight (yes, eight) new uniforms definitely represent a departure from many established MLB norms. Here’s a rundown of some of the more unusual features:

1. The snakeskin: In a move that will probably generate more reaction than any other, the uniforms have been given sublimated diamond gradation patterns, meant to evoke snakeskin, on parts of the caps, jerseys, and pants:

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