Vasyl Lomachenko DEFENDS Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul and backs celebrity boxing ahead of YouTubers vs TikTokers event

Vasyl Lomachenko has spoken out in defence of influencer boxing in the aftermath of Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul.

The Ukrainian pound-for-pound star admitted that he did tune in to see the 50-0 boxing legend go the distance with the YouTuber and insisted he has no issue with the event.

Mark Robinson/Matchroom

Loma is a former three-weight world champion

Lomachenko told SnowQueenLA: “Yeah [I watched it].

“Look, they are making money. It’s not sport, a lot of people buy this fight to watch fighters and YouTubers making money, it’s a business.

“I’m okay with it.

“Because, if people want this show, they pay for this.

“It’s not my problem, it’s not a problem for the fighter who discuss, ‘Oh, it’s disrespect.’

Floyd vs Logan went the full eight rounds

Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Floyd vs Logan went the full eight rounds

“Hey forget [it]. If people want this, they’ll give him [it].

“People pay money to watch this. They take advantage of it, why not?

“Yes, I read other fighters say it’s not fair – whose fault is it that you can’t do the same?

“The purpose of being famous is to use your popularity.

Loma has no issue with celebrities boxing


Loma has no issue with celebrities boxing

“If they ask anybody to fight some YouTuber for $20million tomorrow, wouldn’t you do it?

“Of course you’ll do it, it’s easy money.

“The people who are against it are the people who don’t put themselves in the shoes of those guys.

“They make money like that. Today it’s their job, their bread.

“They can do it, they can sell, so let them do it.”

The YouTubers vs TikTokers press conference went viral last month when a brawl broke out

Social Gloves

The YouTubers vs TikTokers press conference went viral last month when a brawl broke out

Loma also gave his thoughts in relation to this Saturday’s upcoming YouTubers vs TikTokers event – a card entirely dedicated to influencers from the two platforms.

He continued: “You say a lot of fighters are mad that all the YouTubers and TikTokers have been stealing their shine recently.

“So what is stopping those fighters becoming YouTubers or TikTokers? We all have phones.

“It’s vice versa. You box, they make content.

“They have created so much interest and content that people want to see them fight.

“Now you [fighters] go do their part. Make people want to watch you in doing something else other than fighting.”

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