Video | Broner to Floyd: “I’m Gonna Knock Your Fighter Out”

Video | Broner to Floyd: “I’m Gonna Knock Your Fighter Out”

By Alex Burgos

Posted: March 23, 2016

Photo by Stephanie Trapp

In a video posted yesterday on YouTube, Adrien Broner addressed Floyd Mayweather for comments that Mayweather made in an interview with Fight Hype about AB’s change throwing incident in Walmart.

Mayweather threw shade at Broner for multiple reasons, including the fact that nobody knew him at Walmart.

“Actually, a lot of people in the store didn’t know who he was,” said Mayweather.

“If you’re at such a high status and you reached a certain level, you’re supposed to have people going to Walmart for you.”

In his response video–which is nearly five minutes long–Broner did not hold back about his feelings towards Mayweather, both good and bad.

“It brings tears to my eyes to hear my idol–somebody I put on a pedestal, somebody I study every night–talk bad about me,” said Broner in the video.

Broner seems to be agitated for multiple reasons, including the face that things seem to be good between him and Mayweather privately, but then the self-proclaimed “TBE” goes on to talk bad about him in interviews.

While Mayweather points at the Walmart incident as proof that Broner is “still younge and still learning,” Broner points out that Mayweather was burning money in the club at 34 years old.

Broner is preparing to take on Mayweather Promotions’ fighter, Ashley Theophane, on April 1 at the DC Armory in Washington, DC and it seems as though “The Problem” will use Mayweather’s comments as extra motivation.

“Watch me April 1st I’m gonna knock your fighter out, bye,” said Broner.

Alex Burgos

Alex Burgos

A lover of sports and music, Alejandro “Alex” Burgos is a former Featured Columnist at Bleacher Report and the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Round By Round Boxing. He can be reached at

Alex Burgos

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