Video | Teddy Atlas’ Full “We Are Firemen” Motivational Speech

Video | Teddy Atlas’ Full “We Are Firemen” Motivational Speech

By Alex Burgos

Posted: November 8, 2015

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Timothy Bradley surprised a lot of people when he announced that he would be parting ways with long-time trainer, Joel Diaz.

It didn’t take long for Bradley to select a new trainer–a man that has a storied legacy as a teacher and trainer of the sweet science.

Theodore A. “Teddy” Atlas Jr., who is known for his expert analysis–and awesome rants–on ESPN’s boxing telecasts is the man who Bradley selected to replace Diaz.

Many people were anxious to see what new wrinkles Atlas would bring to Bradley’s game as well as what quotable audio bits Atlas would provide fight-fans as he worked the corner.

After Round 7, Bradley was in control of the fight, but Atlas dug deep to motivate his fighter by providing an incredible speech.

Check out the full scorching speech below!

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Alex Burgos

Alex Burgos

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