Motorsport | Reduce costs in F1: Engine suppliers 'not interested'

COST-CUTTING MEASURES: F1 teams are once again feuding due to cost-cutting measures, this time aimed at engine suppliers. Image: AFP/ Ronny Hartmann

Helsinki, Finland – The only real problem with today’s engine regulations is the cost, according to FIA president Jean Todt.

In a joint interview with German broadcaster ZDF, however, Bernie Ecclestone and Todt’s predecessor Max Mosley painted a very different picture.

There are rumours that a parallel bi-turbo V6 Formula could soon arrive, and F1 supremo Ecclestone is even talking about reviving the old screaming V8s.

‘Only a matter of time’

Todt is totally unconvinced that the current regulations are broken.

The Finnish broadcaster MTV quoted Todt as saying during a visit to Helsinki: “It is true that one of the teams (Mercedes) has done a better job with the new power units.

“But another manufacturer (Ferrari) is now quite close, and I believe the others will catch up as well.  It is only a matter of time.

“I think at the moment the main problem is the price of the engines for customer teams.  It is too expensive. I have asked the manufacturers to consider reducing the price, but they do not seem very interested in considering the matter.

“But we need to come up with other solutions that work better.”

Chasing rivals

Former F1 race winner Juan Pablo Montoya agrees with Todt that, eventually, manufacturers like Renault and Honda will catch up with their faster rivals.

He told the German broadcaster RTL: “I think with a little time and patience, Honda will come back and do a good job.

“You can’t expect that they are going to be good straight away when the others have been there for years. This is only their (Honda’s) first year.”

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