World Series Timeline: Every Fall Classic since 1903

Intro | 1903-25 | 1926-50 | 1951-75 | 1976-2000 | 2001-14

Jump in our time machine and travel back to the unforgettable moments that have defined America’s most storied sporting event. It’s all here — the heroes, the bums, the dynasties and the one-hit wonders.

Remember the Babe’s called shot, Willie’s catch and Jack Morris’ shutout. Shudder at Mickey Owens’ passed ball, Jose Mesa’s blown save and Roger Clemens heaving Mike Piazza’s shattered bat. Click on 1960. Bill Mazeroski is still going deep. Dial up 1993. Joe Carter’s homer is still traveling.

We’ll do our best to help you recall what separates the World Series from any other event in sports, as we spin you through an epic World Series timeline.

Jayson Stark

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