Yamaha defends Rossi: “His frustration with Marquez boiled over”

Yamaha boss Lin Jarvis has offered his explanation of the clash between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez at Sepang, saying the Italian’s frustration simply “boiled over” in the heat of battle.

Rossi and Marquez came to blows at Turn 14 on the seventh lap of the Malaysian Grand Prix as the Yamaha rider forced his rival wide, made contact and caused Marquez to crash, earning himself a demotion to the back of the grid at Valencia in the process.

Giving his take on events, Jarvis said he felt Marquez was out for revenge after Rossi told the media on Thursday that the Spaniard had been favouring Jorge Lorenzo’s title bid, and that the incident was a product of Rossi running out of patience.

“From the first race in Phillip Island, it has led to the accusation the Valentino made the other day about Marc’s attempt to control the race and attempt to influence the championship,” said Jarvis.

“I think that what we saw in the race was the revenge of Marc Marquez towards Valentino’s statements in the media.

“So whilst, if you study every move that Marc did, there was nothing illegal about any single move, I think you have to see the bigger picture and you have to question the motivation of the style of race and the way and the attempt of Marc to clearly disturb Valentino to the maximum.”

He added: “Finally, that resulted in an overflow of frustration by Valentino, and that boiled over and he made a move that was an incorrect move by taking Marc out to the side of the track.

“Then unfortunately Marc decides to turn in and hit the leg, that caused an incident and Marc fell off.”

Jarvis nonetheless admitted that Rossi’s penalty was deserved, even though Yamaha chose to lodge an appeal that was ultimately thrown out by the FIM.

“I think that Valentino was found, shall we say, the one in the race that did a manoeuvre that was not legal,” he added.

“This is why he received the penalty as it was judged that this was not a move within the rules of racing.”

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